Lubricant Products Production, Bottling and Packaging   

A wide range of Metalworking Lubricants is available for both Metal Cutting and Forming. This includes Hand Applied products such as pastes and liquids as well as mineral oil based soluble oils, synthetics, and semisynthetics

Data Sheets for our fluid cut lubricant products are shown below in pdf format (all open in a new window)

Fluidcut AL.pdf

Fluidcut AL is a high oil content water emulsifiable cutting and grinding fluid. It is a long life fluid, formulated for high performance on difficult machining operations. Primarily designed for use on difficult to machine aluminium alloys. It can also be used on a wide variety of ferrous metals.

Fluidcut CI.pdf

Fluidcut CI is a low oil content water miscible metalworking fluid concentrate that produces an ultra stable micro emulsion. Suitable for machining a wide variety of materials including low to medium tensile steels. Because of the design of the product it particularly lends itself to the machining of aluminium.

Fluidcut LO.pdf

Fluidcut SP.pdf

Fluidcut XP.pdf


Note: (all pdf’s above open in a new window)


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