Fluid Technology Generation Ltd.

UK Fluid and Powder Products, Development and Manufacturing Specialists

F.T.G. Ltd develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of cleaning products,
(including powders), hygiene chemicals, lubricants, and many other industrial and institutional products

Providing product development servcies for both the professional and retail sectors. F.T.G. also offers bespoke formulas for clients developing products to the highest standards of quality and service. F.T.G. Ltd can then manufacture these products and offers a wide range of specialised filling, and labelling options to suit individual company’s needs.

Our Services

chemical blending, mixing and client packaging

 Chemical Blending Services

FTG provides comprehensive chemical blending services for all commercial, industrial and retail cleaning, sanitising and lubricant product requirements.
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cleaning chemical production, bottling and packaging

Manufacture and Packaging

FTG provides comprehensive cleaning chemical manufacture and packaging / bottling services. Supplying large scale commercial and smaller production run requirements.
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 chemical development and blending

Research and Development

FTG provide clients with product development and chemical blending services. With state of the art laboratory preparation and highly experienced in house technical expertise.
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Cleaning Chemical Manufacture & Packaging

FTG offers a wide range of products for cleaning most surfaces, including Traffic Film Removers, Hard Surface Cleaners, Cleaners for use in Food Areas, Dishwashing Detergents and Rinse Aids, Bleaches, Acid Based Cleaners, Washroom Cleaners, Automotive, Sanitising and Odour control, etc.



Lubricant & Powders Manufacture & Packaging

A wide range of Metalworking Lubricants is available for both Metal Cutting and Forming. This includes Hand Applied products such as pastes and liquids as well as mineral oil based soluble oils, synthetics, and semisynthetics
Specialised power blending and filling facilities are available for a comprehensive range of powder products including laundry powders, dishwashing powders, sanitizers.



Specialised Product Development & Filling

FTG also offers a complete service for the development of specialised products. Areas to date include Chemical Toilet Additives, Concrete Cleaning, Car Wash Chemicals, Lens Cleaners, Aerosols, Pump Packs, etc. Filling capabilities include 500ml shakers, tubs, buckets, bags, sacks, etc.



FTG have provided the highest standards of performance for over 15 years. Supplying us with multiple cleaning and sanitising products, handling all aspects of packaging and legislative conformance and responsive to increased output and production whenever required. For chemical or powder product manufacture and packaging we have no hesitation in recommending FTG to anyone.
N. BruceManaging DirectorSafechem Ltd

FTG Quality Statement

FTG is committed to providing the highest quality chemical / power products and
production / supply services to our clients. Our aims are:

Consistently to meet or exceed our customer's expectations for product quality and performance;
Provide timely delivery of products and services to meet our customer's requirements;
Invest in continuous improvement of our processes, and systems;
To ensure our personnel are well trained to better serve our customer needs and requirements.
Compliance with all new related European Regulations e.g. (EC) No 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures.